Our Top 3 Scents for Autumn

Autumn is now well and truly underway.  The streets are blanketed with fallen leaves in hues of russet, orange, red and yellow. There’s a crispness in the air and a definite drop in temperatures. With daylight hours diminishing, and longer, darker evenings drawing in, this is the perfect time of year to start filling your home with warm, cosy autumnal fragrances.  Here are our top three fragrance recommendations for this wonderful season. We’ve included some old favourites and added a stunning new limited edition autumn/winter fragrance.




A strong, warming, earthy fragrance with notes of woodsmoke, cedar wood, oak moss and just a hint of patchouli.  The unmistakable aroma of a cosy log fire burning in the hearth.  This is the ultimate fragrance for creating a perfect cosy, ambience your home.

This limited edition fragrance is only available during autumn and winter, so grab it while you can.




What could be more autumnal than blackberries? This classic fragrance combines the sharp, sweetness of blackberries and the herbal notes of aromatic bay leaves. A year round favourite but a particular favourite for this time of year.





A beautiful blend of cedar wood, jasmine, sultry amber and soft musks.  This softly enveloping fragrance is both soothing and relaxing. The perfect choice if you need to  de stress at the end of a hard day.



Creating a wonderful, cosy autumnal ambience in your home will be easy with any of these beautiful, unisex fragrances.

Just A Card

Well, it’s September and I hate to mention Christmas but I’m afraid I just did!    As summer fades and Autumn approaches, I know that many people start to think about Christmas and begin to purchase their gifts in advance to save a mad rush at the eleventh hour, (which is always what happens to me).

Earlier this year I joined in with a campaign to support small businesses like mine called JUST A CARD.  This was started as a result of a small independent gallery going under after which the owner said that “if everyone who had complimented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card, we’d still be open”.  That message really hit home with me.  After hearing that terribly sad story I made the decision that this Christmas I am going to buy all of my gifts and cards from independent businesses.  I know  it would be so much easier to do it all online  from large retailers,  but for the first time in my life I am going to start planning ahead and really make an effort to support other small, independent businesses.  How lovely it will be to give unique gifts to all of my family and friends this Christmas and know that I’ve helped other independent businesses in my own small way.

I hope that if you are reading this post you will consider giving small business owners like me the best Christmas gift ever by purchasing a unique gift for someone this year from one of the many truly creative individuals trying to make their way in the world doing something they love. As a small business owner, I rely on my customers to keep my little business afloat and really do appreciate every sale,  however small.

1. Just a Card - Window Sticker - TO PRINT.jpg






Cheshire Life

Starting and running my soy wax candle business has been one of the most difficult but rewarding things I have done in my life. After making my first candle in my kitchen two years ago, I’m still finding my feet and trying to get to grips with the weird and wonderful world of candle making. One of the highlights so far has been having an article about Bridge Park Candle Company printed in the North Wales section of Cheshire Life Magazine. After attending the Royal Cheshire Show last year I was approached by a journalist who subsequently visited my garden workshop in Denbigh, North Wales to interview me. I’m so happy that he did and am delighted with the resulting article.



Among the numerous notable  dates during the month of March is National Fragrance Week which takes place from the 5th to the 11th March.

Interestingly, when reading an article on the Fragrance Foundation website I discovered that the word Perfume is derived from the latin per fumum  (through smoke) due to the fact that the ancient Egyptians burned perfumed resins as offerings to their Gods.  As a fragranced candle maker this certainly resonated with me, and reminded me that the burning of fragrance has been an integral part of human existence for millennia.

Whilst the popularity of burning fragranced candles has without doubt increased over recent years,  it is certainly not a new trend or passing fad.  Our sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic system, the most ancient and primitive part of the brain, which is thought to be the seat of emotion.  Click on the link below to read more about the Fragrance Foundation.  http://www.fragrancefoundation.org.uk

Our Top Three Scents for Autumn

Although Autumn officially started on 22nd September, it’s always 1st October that really
confirms the change in seasons. Pumpkins start flooding the supermarkets, the streets are blanketed in red and orange leaves and the air becomes crisp. It’s also the best time of year to start filling your home with warmer, more festive scents adding that extra bit of cosiness on the darker evenings. Here’s our top three scents for this season, some oldies but goodies!


Blackberry and Bayleaf:

A beautiful classic scent that gives off a slight sweet smell from the blackberries which is complimented by the earthy smell of bay leaves. Although this is an all year round fragrance, it really comes into it’s own in the Autumn.



Tibetan Cedar and Jasmine:

This is one of our more intense scents that is perfect for this time of year. It has a mixture of notes with sweet cedar, floral jasmine and warm amber. This scent will fill your house with a beautiful musky fragrance.



Spiced Orange:

A personal favourite… This scent gives off all those festive smells of cinnamon, orange, cloves and nutmeg. If you’re a fan of those Christmassy scents, then this is a perfect way to ease yourself in and get ready for our Christmas collection!

Where has this year gone?

I’m amazed at just how quickly the days, weeks and months are rushing by this year.  It’s nearly August and what a year it’s been so far for Bridge Park Candle Company.  After nervously setting out my stall and selling my first candle at Denbigh Town Hall last November, I’ve launched a range of mini candles and wax melts and 3 beautiful new fragrances.

I’ve been all over North Wales and the North West, Shropshire and Birmingham and have met so many lovely people along the way. My wonderful husband John has been with me every step of the way. He’s chauffeured me around with boxes of candles and melts,  fetched the bacon and egg sandwiches, coffee & biscuits and provided lots laughter, chit chat, good advice and all round general support.

The presentation of my stall has evolved from a row of lonely looking candles lined up like soldiers on parade to a full, colourful, display which is not exactly my perfect stall yet but is well on it”s way. It’s been a super busy time so I’ve had to introduce some extra discipline and structure to my days in order to keep on top of it all.

When I reflect on the year so far though, what stands out most for me is the fabulous support and encouragement I’ve had from my wonderful family & friends and of course all of my lovely customers, some of whom I now consider to be friends.

I’m excited to see what the rest of the year brings. I’m busy testing new fragrances so watch this space for news of my next new fragrance launch, and of course I’m already planning my range of Christmas fragrances and gift packs.

Welcome to Bridge Park Candle Company


Hi everyone. Welcome to the new and improved Bridge Park website which we hope everyone will enjoy browsing. Bridge Park Candle Co has come a long way since we launched it last November after a nearly a year of trial and error and we are so thrilled with the support that we have received. We always want to keep expanding and it’s your support that helps us do this. We have met some lovely people along the way and are excited to see what the rest of this year has in store for us. We hope you enjoy using the new website and follow us on facebook to find out which markets we will be selling at. Thank you everyone x

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